Favorite Photos

One of my interests is photography. I became really involved by serving as company photographer for the ADPAC Formular Vee racing team while living in San Francisco during the early 90's. This experience has led to my being involved in many photo documentation projects. Some of those projects were part of Web Site developments. Others were simple 'photo shoots' contracts. In addition, I have taken many photos for my own enjoyment. Here are some of my favorites.

Ball One in the Fog
Cardines Field, Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island

USS Chaffee
Local Scenes
More coming

Car Fire
August 2004
More coming
Martha's Vineyard

Serenity in the Rain
Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard

Allen Farm
Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard

Ducks in a Row
Photos from a Cross-Country Trip

A Stormy Morning
at Niagra Falls

Sunrise Over The Falls
Niagra Falls

View from Point Lomas
San Diego, CA

Sunset in CA

San Francisco Bay

Stormy Town
Truckee, CA
Other Photo Favorites

Three Cabins
By the Bike

Riding into the
Sunshine of Life

Old Colony Railroad
Passing the House

Sunset over Jamestown

and the Cat

A Rainy Day
in the Mountains
The Chapel
Seamans Institute

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