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2nd Lt. Robert Thorpe
Relentless Pursuit

Author Ken Dooley and I are happy and proud to have been able to combine our life experiences; his as a noted author and playright, and mine as graphic designer and computer specialist, and to have written and produced this book about World War II.

This project started, while I was serving as a Rhode Island State Representative, as a simple request to get recognition and honors for 2nd Lt Robert Thorpe, a U.S. 5th Air Force Fighter pilot, who had been shot down, captured, tortured and be headed during WWII.

Once the honors were bestowed, and I retired from public office, we decided to document the World War II history and our experiences in finally obtaining a proper recognition of Lt. Thorpe.

The book quickly became a more encompassing overview of not only Lt. Thorpe's sacrifice, but also of the 39th Fighter Squadron activities in the Pacific theatre.

We have enjoyed the many months doing this creative work motivated by our mutual respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII.

The initial copy of the book was submitted to the publishers at the end of April 2015.

     Former Representative
     Peter Martin
     [District 75 - Newport]