Relentless Pursuit
Foreword by Patrick Conley
 [Rhode Island Historian Laureate]
 Chapters by Rep Martin: 26. Request for Assistance
27. The Ceremonies
28. Memorial Day
29. San Antonio
30. The Marker

Final Tribute
Epilog by J. William Middendorf
 [Former Secretary of the Navy]
39th Fighter Squadron
Photo Gallery
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2nd Lt Robert Thorpe
Bob Kerr - ProJo
Request to Honor
Press release 05/09/13
Press release 05/14/13
Capitol TV Show 05/17/13
Capitol TV Show 05/17/13
Channel 12 - 05/17/13
Capt. Lew Lockhart
Thorpe Resolution
Lockhart Resolution
"Old Glory" Ceremony
39th FS Summer 2013
39th FS 2013 Reunion
39th FS 2015 Reunion
Family Gratitude
Find a Grave
American POWs of Japan
Last Flight
News Clippings
US Army Air Corps
Pacific Wrecks Photo
Pacific Wrecks History
Boston Globe 2008
WWII Missing
Family Website
Cranston Herald 5/2/13
Rotary Meeting - March 2011

Naval War College
Eight Bells Lecture 12/10/15
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